a.k.a ›a film by‹

consisting of ›PRISMA‹ (min. 02:25–27:02, miniDV, TV, VCR, MiniDisc, Walkman, © 1999) and ›KYRA‹ (min. 28:26–45:18, HD, © 2015)

Screencapture, Full-HD (1920x1080px), 48:50 min., 2014–2015.

“What is there to be left behind?”

Diploma work, classically presented at a sunny summer morning in a well darkened cinema – now on the internet. Watch the hypnotic Director’s Cut (which can work on it’s own) but don’t miss the full immersive experience of PRISMA and KYRA combined together in a gripping cinematic feature, a.k.a. “A film by”! Something with circles and so on … also featuring my dog.

Filmed on an iMac using OSX 10.6.8 and a MacBookAir using 10.9.X mainly using the build–in screencapture features in QuickTime 8 and the possibilities of system–given operating tools.

Although some basic – hopefully invisible – but necessary cuts had to be made through FinalCut, the final cut(s) still is (are) a result of continuous layering and capturing the action on screen.

“Really hate the first part, then try to relax with the second.”